ICQ Cards

Here are some cards to send on your ICQ program.
Just follow the instructions below, and happy sending!

To Send A Card By ICQ:

Click on the card below that you want to send.
1. Open your ICQ Program
2. Click on the person's name that you want to send the card to.
3. Select 'Web Page Address (URL)'
A new Box will pop open. The URL will automatically be selected.
4. Click 'Send'
To Send to more than one person
Click on "More" and then "Multiple Recipients"
This will show you everyone on your list.
Select the names that you wish to sent this page to.
Click "Send"

To Send A Greeting By E-Mail:

Just copy and paste the URL of the card into your e-mail message area.

Index Of ICQ Cards.
Click on the link to view and send!

Say I love you! Kissing lips that say Love You! (animated)

Long distance love.So far apart. (animated)

FriendshipBears flying a kite. (animated)

Guess Who?A wish for a happy day! (animated)

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