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This is a FYI page and you will find all kinds of info here, from
the history of Cards By Mouse, to how to send a virtual postcard.

The Reload feature allows you to view the most recent version of a Web page.
This is useful for Web pages that are updated frequently.
Q. What is Reload and how do I set it up?
A. Some Web sites update their content frequently.
While many Web pages refresh themselves automatically every few minutes, you can command your box to look for the most recent version of a site by using the
Reload feature.
To Reload a Web page choose Cmd + R (hold the Cmd key and press R at the same time) while viewing the page.

Cards By Mouse started out very small, on a free webpage back in February of 1999. It eventually outgrew that space and found it's new home here on November of 1999. The selection of cards has gone from 48 to over 1,000, and it is still growing.

The images used for the cards are scanned from various resources. I am not the artist(except for "Mousie's Bears")
Copyright is held by the artists and companies presented on the site.

Sending cards from this site is free to the visitor. However, CBM must pay for the webspace. That's where sponsors come in. Advertising banners and support of them by the visitor is what keeps most card sites free. So, if you visit our sponsors to see what they have to offer, you are helping to keep that site active.

CBM was started as a hobby that grew from a fascination of the net and the use of graphics. Sending virtual greetings is a way of communicating that is fun, and spreads a little happiness one card at a time.

CBM is the work of one body. No staff, no large conglomerate here. Many hats have been worn by "Mouse", teacher, decorative painter, florist, cook, web designer, and wine merchant, to name a few.

The beauty of the web, is that as long as you have access to a computer, you can run your site from anywhere in the world. CBM is based in Canada, (but I still call Australia home).

How to send a card?

Click on a category of cards that you would like you view. On that page view the images (if you would like to see the image larger, before choosing it, just click on the image), then click on the back button on your browser to return to the card selection page.

1) Select the image by clicking inside the small white button with your mouse(this is known as a radio button).

2) The next step is to select a heading for your card. You may choose not to add a heading, or you can scroll down the list and hilight the heading you would like to see. This heading will appear at the top of your card.

3) Next, type in the text you wish to include.

4) Choose a signature in the same manner as the heading

5) You may choose the text and background color that will appear on the card by scrolling and hilighting. The default will show if you make no selection. Please make sure that if do make your selection, the text and background color are contrasting.
Choose a background image in the same way. You will be able to see what you have chosen when you preview the card.

6) Select some music the same way as the other features. You will be able to hear the music when previewing the card.

7) Now fill in the names and email addresses in the spaces provided. Please check this for errors, if there are mistakes made here your card may be lost in cyberspace forever.

8) You may choose to preiview your card before sending by clicking in the radio button that says "preview postcard". Then click on the bar that says "proceed".If you choose this option you may also select (on the preview page) to send the card at a later date. If you do not want to preview before sending, just click the radio button that says "send without preview".

9) Press the "Send" bar and your card will be sent right away!


Free Cards?
It is free to send and receive cards from any website that belongs to My Postcards network. You don't need to pay at any stage, you can send as many cards as you want, at any time you need, to anyone in the world who has an e-mail address.

My Postcards Network does not run on Windows. All those common and scary viruses like Melissa, Daddy, Chernobyl CIH and others can not affect our UNIX servers. UNIX OS in general and our software in particular are fully year 2000 compliant as well (it's simply not an issue here). Card notification mails (plain text) and postcard pages (HTML) are produced on our servers. Those formats (*.txt and *.html) are not subjected to any computer and network viruses.

Can't Connect To Site?
At some time you may see the following messages - "connection reset by peer", "timeout waiting for connection", "DNS lookup failure", "no data connection to host", etc. All of these are error messages related to the status of network connection between your browser and the website. Most probably it's not permanent problem and will pass soon. If you see one of those messages no need to panic and no need to be afraid that your favorite site had gone forever. Internet is not more reliable than road traffic and always some network or group of servers in the world is down. Try again later.

Card Not Received?
Reasons could be numerous, but most common ones so far are: 1. Recipient's mail server could be down. It happens with all from time to time. 2. Recipient uses e-mail account with storage limit and at the time you've sent a had mailbox full. It happens often on AOL, WebTV network as well as various free mail services. 3. You had mistyped address. You had typed something that looked to you (and our system) as valid address, but it wasn't. You may have misspelt his username or domain name. We see hundreds of bounced mails to,,,, and @msn.vom.
Also see above "Can't Connect To Site?"

Cancel A Card I Sent?
Like in traditional postal service - once you sent a letter it cannot be turned back. Please think before sending anything (not only postcards), haste is not best the manner in communication-:)

Save My Card?
If you want to save the card that had been sent to you - choose menu item File (top left corner of your browser), then Save As and save this file to your hard drive, naming it as mycard.html or something alike. You'll be able to view this card always when you are connected to the Net - images and music file will be loaded automatically.

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